New Hires

Welcome!! We’re happy you’re here!

Beginning a new career is exciting and challenging and (let’s be honest) a little bit scary. You have a lot to learn and some important decisions to make.

This section of MyCPChemBenefits is designed just for you. Be sure to take the time to learn about our comprehensive benefits program and the enrollment choices you need to make. Once you’ve learned about your new benefits and made your enrollment elections, give yourself a big pat on the back … and then get to work!

In addition to the helpful information below, you’ll also receive:

  • An Enrollment Packet from the Chevron Phillips Benefits Service Center.
  • A "welcome email" with login instructions from the Chevron Phillips Benefits Service Center.
  • A Welcome Packet from Fidelity Investments.

2021 New Hire Guide
This comprehensive guide describes your new benefit program and gives you the information you need to make your benefit elections.
Check out ALEX
ALEX is an easy-to-use, fun and interactive online tool that can help you better understand our benefit plans and figure out which medical plan option will likely be best for you and your family based on coverage and cost factors.